Huntstile organic farm wedding photography

Glastonbury TorWedding decorations in the barn at Hunstile Organic FarmThe daily newspapers lay flat on the tableA sign for Huntstile Organic FarmA waiter holds a plate of eggs, mushrooms and toastA wedding guest chats to friends and family at the breakfast tableA wedding guest waits outside the barnA tractor and trailer wait for the wedding guestsThe wedding party help the bride walk up the steps of the trailerWedding guests walk along the trailerThe owner of the farm waves goodbye as the tractor and trailer drive away from the farmA boy stops his mother from taking a photograph of him on the trailerThe wedding celebrants stand and wait for the wedding guestsThe wedding party walk through the woods towards the stone circleWedding guests walk towards the stone circleThe bride and groom wait for the outdoor wedding ceremony to beginThe pagan wedding ceremony begins around the stone circleThe bride and groom hold hands around the stone circleThe wedding celebrant holds his arms up in the air during the pagan ceremonyA member of the wedding party closes her eyes during the outdoor pagan ceremonyA drum is raised into the airA lady places her head next to the drum bangs on it during the pagan ceremonyThe bride and groom hold hands and face each otherThe pagan ceremony around the stone circleA man holds his hands together and prays during the pagan ceremonyThe bride closes her eyes and looks down towards the groundA ribbon is placed around the wrist of the bride during the pagan ceremonyThe groom stands in front of the bride and reads a poem to herPagan ceremony instrumentsA wedding guest holds a piece of paper in front of him and delivers a speech to the bride and groomThe pagan ceremonyWedding guests celebrate with the bride and groomThe bride and groom kiss and hold hands at the end of the pagan ceremonyA wedding guest holds a large goblet in his handA lady holds a goblet in her handThe bride and groom drink holy water from the gobletA boy jumps over sticks lay on the grass for the pagan ceremonyWedding guests jump over the sticksThe wedding party stand in the field and wait to board the trailerThe celebrants stand in the field in front of the stone circle and wave to the wedding partyHuntstile organic farm wedding photographyThe bride with her bouquet of flowersThe bride stands in front of the gypsy caravan in the fields at Huntstile Organic farmThe groom stands in front of the gypsy caravan at Hunstile Organic farmA plate of salmon and dill sauce held by the waitressThe grooms father stands up and makes a toast to the bride and groomThe grooms father raises his glass in the airA sign outside the The Lion Public House at PennardAn old gas fire in The Lion public house at PennardA wedding guest gives the bride a sacred stone as a wedding giftBottles of alcohol and a skittles challenge cup trophy on a shelf at The Lion public houseA wedding guest places his arm around his wifes shoulder sat at the wedding ginner tableThe bride and groom cut the wedding cake at The Lion public house in Pennard, SomersetThe bride cuts the cake as the groom helps her with the knife

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