An oil painting hangs from a wall in the brides mother's house A flower girls dress hangs from a rail next to a window The bride blows her make up brush as she sits in front of the window A bridesmaid looks into her hand held mirror and applies mascara to her eye lashes A flower girl puts on her new shoes The bride smiles as she listens to her sister talking in the next room A man plays his guitar The groom and his usher looks into mirrors hanging from the wall as they get ready A lady looks on as ushers get ready The groom arranges his tie Make up on the dresser The bridesmaids share a joke together A bridesmaid laughs as she gets dressed The brides sister and her mother get ready together A flower girl getting ready The back of the brides dress Helping the bride get her dress on The church tower with clouds in the background Church flowers Walking up towards the church The bride and bridesmaids walk towards the vicar of the Church The bride and her family stand at the door of the church and wait for the ceremony to begin The vicar walks the bridal party down the aisle of the church The bride and her mother walk to the end of the aisle together The bride arrives and smiles at the groom The couple exchange wedding rings The bride and groom rest half way through the talks Church hymn books rest on a shelf Wedding rings are exchanged between the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony The wedding couple take their vows The bride and groom stand underneath the church door and look at each other Wedding petals shower the bride and groom outside Batcombe church Wedding petals fall to the ground The bride at her fathers grave in Batcombe church A wooden poster board on the grass Camping sign and tipis The marquee and tables are set and ready to serve food A bridesmaid in sunglasses looks on The wedding band playing instruments Couples take photographs of each other with polaroid cameras A bridesmaid chats to friends outside the marquee at Penny Square Barn Wedding guests chatting and drinking champagne The brides grandfather laughs with the bride and her bridesmaid Salad is served in the marquee at Penny Square Barn Wine glasses are placed together to celebrate the marriage of Bee and Danny The groom tells a joke Wedding guests laughing at the speeches in the marquee Friends and family laugh and applaud The groom mentions his mother on his wedding speech in the marquee The brides grandparents smile as they sit at the wedding table The brides grandfather sits and listens to the speeches Bride and groom together in the marquee Wedding guests listening to the speeches The bride stands up and delivers a speech to the marquee A wine glass is lifted in the air A joke is shared between each other The groom laughs The best man tells everyone in the marquee who he is The DJ at Penny Square Barn takes a vinyl record out of its sleeve A fire burns at Penny Square Barn A wedding guest puts her arm around her friend and closes her eyes A man shouts at his friend as he climbs the wall at Penny Square Barn The pizza man stretches out his dough A mother and son sits on a bail and watch the sun go down at Penny Square Barn Evening guests arrive with presents for the bride and groom The bride and groom pose for photographs The groom poses for a photograph along a country lane outside Penny Square Barn The bride poses for a photograph along a country lane outside Penny Square Barn A bridesmaid sings a song to the crowd that have gathered outside the barn The grooms brother plays bass guitar on stage Wedding guests on the dancefloor A guest whistles at the band on stage The groom singing on stage The barns lights hit the dancefloor A couple embrace each other at the end of the night The brides sister hugs a friend on the dancefloor