The groom looks in a mirror and straightens his tie next to a large window in the master bedroom The bride sprays hairspray onto her hair A bridesmaid holds a mirror up as the bride looks at herself as she stands next to a large window The bride stands in her parents bedroom with her wedding dress on A lady puts her hand over the forehead of a baby boy as his mother holds him on her lap Bridesmaids looking into a large mirror hanging on a wall in the bathroom The bride walks down the stone steps holding onto the banister and holding her bouquet of flowers An outdoor wedding ceremony with wedding guests sat on long wooden benches in front of the bride and groom in the countryside A book is passed from one guest to another with wedding rings strapped onto the front cover A bride and groom hold their hands up in the air and sing next to wedding guests during the wedding ceremony The bride and her bridesmaids walk away from the Church after the wedding ceremony A bride runs across a lawn with wedding guests holding an American football The brides mother stands in front of a microphone and smiles as she holds a piece of paper The best man stands up in front of the wedding party who are sat in front of large wooden tables and delivers his speech The groom holds the bride and kisses her on the forehead in a field as she puts both her hands on the back of his head The bride and groom stand next to each other under a large tree in front a large lake The bride and groom walk hand in hand on the top of sand dunes with blue sky and clouds above them The bride and groom stand facing each other and smile with trees behind them Somerset wedding photographer The bride walks towards stone steps as her veil is moved by the wind The bride and groom kiss each other in front of the sea as her veil moves in the wind The bride and groom stand next to each other on top of a hill and look towards the distant hills as the sun goes down The groom kisses the bride on the forehead as she wraps her arms around his shoulders The bride and groom hold each others hand and stand next to each other on the edge of a cliff and watch the sun go down over the sea A bride and groom walk through grass next to each other on a hill as the sun goes down in the distance