A man and lady stand in front of a multi coloured wall and pose for a photograph as the lady places her forehead onto the side of the man's head
A man and lady stand next to each other in between a flag pole and pose for a photograph on the beach
A man and lady pose for a photograph in the woods as the man stands next next to the lady who is sat down
A man and a lady stand in front of a brick wall as the man looks at her and the lady looks away and smiles
A man sits on the beach hut steps and the lady stands above him as they pose for a photograph on the beach


Engagement photography

Just think of a place you both love to visit, maybe the beach where you first met, your favourite city or your usual countryside walk on a Sunday afternoon.
We can meet up to take a few photographs, then go for some lunch and talk about the wedding plans so far. It can be a few photographs or it can be a few hours, I really don’t mind at all, whatever you two feel happy with.
Please have a look below at some engagement shoots I have photographed over the last few years.
We can go anywhere, you choose the location and I will be there.
Engagement shoots are free with your wedding package so please contact me below for more information and availability.
I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Your wedding. Your dream. My vision.

A man and lady embrace each other in front of a large wooden door