Bovey Tracey wedding photography

Hi, I’m Warren a Bovey Tracey wedding photographer working in a documentary style, this means that I will spend the whole day with you from getting ready in the morning right through to the last dance. I focus on capturing the special moments and the many emotions of the day with only a few posed shots. As you can see below I like to work creatively with light to capture the essence of your day, all the laughter and fun, the beautiful details as well as the intimate moments.

Bovey Tracey wedding

Here is a selection of my favorite photographs from Zoe and Neil’s beautiful Summer wedding at the amazing Colehayes Park wedding venue in Devon. If you are interested in seeing more of my photography or contacting me to discuss your wedding plans there are links to my website, portfolio, plus a form to request a brochure with package and price details at the bottom of this page.


The brides hairThe make up artist and the brideMake up applied to the brideWedding guests have breakfast on the lawnWedding guests arrive early in the morning at Cole Hayes parkFastening a bow to the flower girls dressA flower girl opens her presentThe make up artist applies make up to the brideThe groom adjusts his cufflinksThe groom holds a gift from the brideThe groom adjusts his tieOne of the brides family gets ready in her roomThe make up artist applies lipstick to the brides lipsThe bride and her friend take the wedding dress off the clothes hangerThe bride puts on her wedding dressA friend helps with the wedding dressFastening the back of the wedding dressA friend puts on the shoes for the brideThe bride stood next to a window at Cole Hayes parkThe groom walks through the gardens at Cole Hayes ParkGuests arriving to the outdoor ceremonyThe groom enjoys a joke with friends on the way to the ceremonyA little boy and his mother walk through the gardens at Cole Hayes ParkThe wedding party arrive and greet the groomThe bride waits for the ceremony to startThe groom stands and waits for the bride to arriveThe flower girl drops rose petals along the way to the outdoor ceremonyThe groom cries as he sees the bride for the first timeThe bride arrives at the outdoor ceremonyA short poem read by a friendThe bride and groom share a laugh together during the ceremonyTo have and to hold by Mary Johnston is passed around the wedding partyA short poem read by one of the guestsThe bride and groom exchange wedding rings during the ceremonyThe bride and groom kiss for the first time as husband and wifeThe bride and groom turn to the wedding party after the ceremonyThe groom crying as he embraces his fatherA man laughing with his friendThe wedding dinner table at Cole Hayes parkA baby laughs on the back lawn at Cole Hayes parkThe bride embraces a friendFlowers in potsFamily members greet each otherThe groom embraces a member of his familyGuests drinking on the lawn at Cole Hayes parkA wedding guest sits on the back lawn of the house at Cole Hayes parkA family walk towards the marqueeBoys playing football on the front lawn of the houseThe bride and groom walk towards the marquee on the front lawn at Cile Hayes parkGirls and boys playing on the lawnThe bride smiles during her speechThe wedding guests applaud the brides speechThe groom raises his arms in the air and smilesWedding guests laugh at photographs of the bride and groomA photograph of the bride makes the groom laugh during the speechesOne of the wedding guests puts his hands to his faceThe groom and his best man laugh at photographs of the brideThe groom kisses the brideA wedding guest laughs at the best mans speechThe best man delivers his speech as the groom listens onPhotographs on the lawn of the bride and groomThe bride and groom stand at the bottom of the garden at Cole Hayes ParkThe brides flowers and the groomThe bride looks at her bouquet and kisses her husbandBovey Tracey wedding photographerThe bride and grooms first dance at Cole Hayes parkA lady dancing on the dancefloor with her arms in the airThe bride embraces a friend on the dancefloorA member of the wedding party laughs with a lady on the dancefloorA girl is picked up by a wedding guest on the dancefloorA man stands on the dancefloorA man lifts up a lady on the dancefloorA man kisses a lady on the dancefloorA lady singing and dancing on the dancefloorGuests dancingA member of the wedding party dances with a tie wrapped around his headWedding guests dance in the main hall


Bovey Tracey wedding photographer

You will put so much time into organising your wedding you need a Bovey Tracey wedding photographer that will work just as hard to capture all the moments that matter. As you can see from my portfolio I observe what is happening and document it using natural light where possible to create beautiful, emotive photographs. We can arrange a time for portraits in the evening but apart from that I just capture the wedding exactly how it happens. It does not matter how big or small your wedding will be or where it is, I would just love to be there. If you like my style as a documentary wedding photographer and you feel a connection with my work then please get in contact using the online form below.

Alternatively, you could give me a quick call or text on 07954044495 and I can let you know if your date is free.

Thank you for your time.