Glastonbury wedding photography

A make up palletteThe make up artist applies foundation onto the brides faceThe bride getting ready at her parents houseThe groom smiles at his brotherThe bride has mascara applied to her eye lidsThe brides mother laughs at a joke being told by a bridesmaidThe groom puts his watch onThe make up artist applies make up onto the brides faceThe groom gets ready and looks in the mirror as he adjusts his tieThe groom gets ready at his parents houseThe bride gets ready at her perents houseA bridesmaid fastens the buckles on her shoesThe wedding car arrives outside the brides parents houseThe best man hammers a cork into the beer barrelA bridesmaid puts lipstick on in the mirrorThe wedding bus arrivesThe bride walks down the stairs of her parents house and greets her fatherPouring champagne into flutesThe church towerThe brides mother adjusts the flower lapel on the grooms jacketThe church pianist plays on the organThe grooms mother and father sit in church waiting for the bride to arriveThe wedding car arrives at the churchThe bride arrives at the church and greets the vicarThe bride enters the church with her fatherThe wedding ceremony in the churchA speech in the churchThe bride and groom walk down the aisle of the churchWedding guests hold confetti and wait for the bride and groom to leave the churchConfetti throwingConfetti is thrown onto the bride and groom as they leave the churchThe bride and groom leave the church and walk down the streetWedding guests leaving the church and walking down the streetWedding decorationsA man holds his great grandsonCanapes in the back gardenA man with sunglasses smiles at the bride and groomWedding decorations inside the tipiA lady laughsWedding guests arriving at the houseThe bride with one of her friendsWedding guests chat outside the tipiAn old lady plays with her great grand daughterWedding decorations inside the tipiA husband and wife embrace each other outise the tipiThe bridesmaids and the wedding table inside the tipiWooden signs on the bark of a treeWedding guestsThe family of the bride and groom make their way into the back gardenA portrait of the bride and groomThe bride and groom enter the tipiThe cork explodes out of the bottle in the tipi to start the celebrationsPouring champagne into a glassA lady takes a photograph on her mobile phoneWedding guests raise a toast to the bride and groomThe brides father delivers his speech in the tipiThe bride laughs at the grooms speechThe groom shares a joke with everyone in the tipiThe grooms father laughs at his sons speechThe grooms speech in the tipiWedding guests raise their glasses in the tipiThe groom holds a hand to his head as the best man delivers his speechThe best man delivers his speech in the tipiWedding guests taking a selfiePouring a pint of pale ale at the garden barA lady takes a photograph with a polaroid cameraNails in a porcelain potWedding guests play games on the lawnThe groom and his brother share a joke as the sun goes downWedding polaroidsA wedding guest with a sombrero onWedding guests enjoy a drink and conversation on the lawnThe groom lights up his cigarThe groom enjoys a cigarThe ushers playing cricket in the back gardenThe groom smiles at the bride on the dancefloor during the first danceThe first dance in the tipiWedding guests drinking alcohol togetherThe wedding guests dressing up in the back gardenThe bride and groom enjoy the first dance togetherWedding polaroidsThe wedding party enjoy drinks in the gardenThe bride and groom under a tree as the sun goes downThe bride and groom in the old barnThe bride and groom under a weeping willow treeThe bride and groom drink tequilaWedding polaroids hung on pegsThe brides father djingThe bridesmaids dancing in the tipiWedding guests smoking cigars in the gardenThe bride and groom cut the cakeWedding guests share a joke in the gardenThe guitarist playing solo in the tipiToasting marshmallows in the firepitThe groom dancing with his family in the tipiWedding guests gather around the fire pit to toast marshmallows in the tipiDancing in the tipiGuests gather outside the tipiThe groom lifts his arm in the air as his friends dance around himThe wedding party celebrate the weddingWedding guests on the dancefloorDancingThe wedding band guitaristWedding guests embrace each other on the dancefloorGuests singing and dancing in the marqueeWedding guests gather around the fire pit in the tipiThe cocktail van in the garden of the wedding

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