Festive coloured balls hang from the ceiling of the wedding yurt The bride has her hair curled by the hairdresser The bride has her mascara applied by the make up artist Bridesmaids getting ready The make up artist applies lipstick to the bride The groom bends over and puts his socks on An usher puts on his shoes in the grooms parents house An usher smiles wearing a sports headband Ushers getting ready The groom laughs with ushers as they get ready The groom waiting for his flower The champagne arrives and the groom opens the bottle The best man sips a glass of champagne The groom and ushers stand together and sip champagne Placing the flowers on the lapels of the best man and groom The grooms flower on his lapel The groom leaves one of the bedrooms A portrait of the best man next to the window of the grooms parents house A portrait of one of the ushers stood next to a window A portrait of the groom next to a window Wedding guests arrive on the field at Huxton School Wedding guests stood in the field with their wellington boots on A wedding guest hugs the groom Wedding guests greeting the groom A little girl talks to wedding guests under the canopy Wedding guests walking across the field to greet the groom and his family Wedding guests arriving in the field A wedding guest points to someone as he hugs a friend A little boy squeezes his mothers nose Wedding guests sip champagne and chat amongst themselves The groom chats with the brides father A little boy falls onto the grass whilst still holding his mothers hand A mother holds her baby in her arms Wedding guests walking into the woods where the wedding ceremony will be held A wedding guest walks into the woods holding a glass of champagne with her little boy Wedding guests walk into the woods Wedding guests arriving at the forest and drinking beer A girl stands in front of the line of wedding guests A wedding guest smiles as the groom arrives in the woods for the ceremony A little boy holds up his mothers SLR manual film camera The bride arrives at the grounds of Hexton school The brides flowers and the rest of the wedding party walk into the woods The bride and her father walk into the woods Bridesmaids and ushers walk into the woods for the wedding ceremony The groom weeps as he is greeted by the bride and her father The groom holds the bride and cries Wedding guests stand and listen to the outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods A wedding guest reads a poem to the bride and groom The grooms father and the grooms grandmother sit and listen to the ceremony A wedding guests recites a passage from the bible The wedding rings are exchanged in the forest The bride places a wedding ring onto the finger of the groom The bride holds the groom in her arms The bride and groom are congratulated by the wedding guests Confetti is thrown over the bride and groom as they walk out of the woods Wedding guests walk out of the woods after the outdoor wedding ceremony Wedding guests talk with each other and sip champagne A Scottish mans kilt and sock emblem A man plays and acoustic guitar and the grooms father places his arm around his mother A little girl laughs with her mother A boy blows bubbles from a plastic gun The bride points to a wedding guest Wedding guests stand under umbrellas in the school field A man holding his umbrella in the school field The groom and his grandmother sip champagne and talk to each other Wedding guests running around the school field with scarves tied to their ankles An usher points to the wedding guests who are running across the field Wedding guests watch the running games on the school field A wedding guest ties a scarf around the ankles of his partner and himself The bride, groom and one of her bridesmaids stand under umbrellas in the school field watching the games A couple running across the field with a scarf tied between their ankles A lady laughs with her friend An usher stands on the field and writes down the finishing positions of the runners A wedding guest runs across the field with his son Two children involved in the running game, fall onto the grass Wedding guests with other guests on their back Wedding guests laugh and joke to each other as they watch the games Friends and family start walking to the yurt for the wedding meal Decorations on the tables inside the yurt The bride and groom arrive inside the yurt The bride and groom laugh as they listen to one of the bridesmaids speeches The best man and ushers deliver their speech to the wedding party inside the yurt The bride and groom deliver their speech to their wedding guests The bride is overwhelmed and places her hand on her chest The groom speaks to the wedding guests Wedding guests sing along to an Irish song under the canopy of the tent A man holds his baby, his wife holds the baby's hand and laughs with her husband A mother plays with her children on the field of the school The bride and groom poses for portraits in the woods where the outdoor ceremony had been held earlier in the day Wedding guests sing a song for the bride and groom The bride and groom celebrate their first dance in the yurt at Hexton school The bride and groom's first dance The bride dances in the yurt with friends and family The lead singer of the band and a wedding guest dancing in the yurt Marus's brother on the dancefloor A wedding guest balances a bottle on the palm of his hand A wedding guest lifts his son in the air on the dancefloor A wedding guest laughs with friends on the dance floor in the yurt The groom dances with his niece on the dance floor The bride and groom hold each other on the dancefloor The groom drinks a shot of whisky outside the yurt An usher and a wedding guest drink whisky outside on the school field A child waves his arms in the air whilst sitting on his fathers shoulders on the dancefloor The bride and groom are lifted in the air and embrace each other on the dance floor The groom raises his arm in the air and celebrates the end of his wedding day on the dance floor Wedding guests dancing in the yurt Wedding guests dancing A wedding guest holds a glass of beer in the yurt A man and his son look up into the night sky outside the yurt Wedding guests pose for a photograph inside the yurt The groom and his mother pose for a photograph on the dance floor The wedding yurt on the school grounds at midnight