Covid-19 FAQ and guidelines

New safety measures for health and for businesses

Due to new health and safety guidance issued by the UK Government, Wedding and Event Photographers will be adjusting how they work and shoot. This FAQ is here to help guide you through these changes, prepare your expectations and ease any concerns surrounding how your event may be impacted by these new guidelines.

As businesses, Wedding Photographers will be relying on protection from their insurance providers, now more than ever. Whilst the world introduces new measures to protect us against COVID-19, photographers must also introduce measures to ensure every event they photograph leaves them protected as a business.



As you may be aware, having Insurance Protection minimises the risk of financial loss, for both couples (Wedding Insurance) and suppliers (Business Insurance). As such, the following guidance has been compiled to ensure each supplier does not forfeit the cover they own, and remains protected, as we navigate the new landscape in the Events & Wedding Industry.

Should you have any queries regarding the legality of your Event, please consult with your own Insurance Provider, to make sure your Wedding Insurance is not invalidated.


Social distancing prep and ceremony


As photographers, we will naturally be reaching for our long lenses to give adequate distance between ourselves and guests, couples, and groups. In environments which prevent unlimited space (e.g hotel rooms, indoor ceremonies), plans can be put in place to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to. 

For Example – “Fake-Up Shots” may take the place of traditional Make-Up application shots, where the Bride/Groom and Photographer are alone in the room after preparation is complete. This reduces time spent in an enclosed environment, and allows more space for safe social distancing. In ceremonies, the Photographer may choose to stand at the back of the Church/Room, and shoot with a long lens. There may be less variation in angles, so it is important to discuss areas for the photographer to safety stand with your venue, before the wedding. 

Scaled Room Plans are encouraged and welcomed, with indications of approved places for the photographer to be whilst abiding by social distancing guidelines.


Social distancing – guests and group shots


Due to the inherent risk of being around high numbers of people (as is the nature of events), it is encouraged that both all guests respect social distancing rules with their photographer/videographer. This is for the safety of both the photographer and the guests themselves. A photographer can easily come into contact with 400+ people per week at two weddings, so ensuring 2m distance is vital to curbing any potential spread between the photographer and guests.

Group shots with separate households can be photographed with social distancing in place, and bubbles can be photographed together. The Photographer takes no responsibility for guests who do not adhere to the guidelines laid out by the UK Government, and reserves the right to leave the event at any time if their safety is compromised.

The Photographer will use lenses and angles to create the illusion of closeness and normality, if requested by the Couple. See this article for more information on long lenses creating the illusion of closeness.


Social distancing – receptions, and meals


Please arrange any photographer meals to be seated in a separate room to that of the Wedding Reception. During the speeches, the photographer will only be able to stand in places which allow social distancing between the guests at tables and themselves – feel free to mark/agree areas with the Venue for photographers to stand during these times, when putting together the Table Plans. 

The Photographer will act with their own discretion when choosing where to stand, if pre-agreed areas are not provided. However, this may impact their variety of choice, and you may have less variety of “closeness” than you may recognise in their pre-COVID portfolio.

The Photographer also retains the right to wear a mask, should they wish.


Track and trace – Local lockdowns


Should your Photographer be called to self isolate using the Track & Trace system, then the photographer will attempt to arrange an associate in their place. If the Couple or Important Guests/Family Members are called to self isolate due to Track & Trace, postponement of the Event should be arranged, and a date which has availability for all agreed upon. In the event of a date not being able to be found, all monies will be returned excluding deposit for services, business costs and preparation already provided by the Photographer.

Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 should NOT attend a wedding. Weddings which go ahead with any Guest or Couple knowingly displaying symptoms may be liable for legal action if COVID-19 is contracted by the supplier.  The supplier reserves the right to leave the Event on full pay, if it is discovered that any guest or couple is aware they are COVID-19 positive and still in attendance.

Should a Local Lockdown force the postponement of the Wedding (area wedding is due to be held), postponement procedures should be followed. Should the Couple live in an area which experiences a local lockdown, postponement procedures should be followed. Should the Photographer live in an area which experiences a local lockdown, an appropriate associate should be found.


Current guidelines


Please keep your eyes on the current guidelines as they continue to change and evolve. 

You can find the current guidelines in the UK for weddings HERE